• Clean My Mac X - MacOSX

Clean My Mac X - MacOSX

CleanMyMac 3 is as the new version of MacPaw’s catch-all utility to scan your Mac and remove gigabytes of assorted kerfuffle and gunk that builds up over time.
Like its previous versions, CleanMyMac 3 wraps itself around a series of tests and services and works to remove generally unused, developer-oriented, extraneous, and backup files associated with your most commonly used applications that take up available disk space. CleanMyMac 3’s selection of available tests has grown to add tools such as an uninstaller, general maintenance, online privacy functions, and file shredder to its previous suite of tests. This is on top of the Smart Cleanup, System Junk, iPhoto Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, Trash Bins, and Large & Old Files scans that comprise the cleaning utilities and work to make CleanMyMac 3 your intended catch-all Mac utility of choice.
All of these tests can be customized and configured as needed and with a better preference layout than found in CleanMyMac 2. Where a given test might tell you that you can save a certain number of gigabytes by deleting files, CleanMyMac 3 gives you fine control as to which files are deleted.
CleanMyMac 3 adds several new scans and tests, but the overall product still holds together; the new features don’t feeling bolted on and the app doesn’t feel overly bloated. The tests can be configured, there’s a good range of preferences, and nice touches like extensive information about your Mac’s hardware including a health status for your hard drives, remaining battery life for a notebook and available RAM show good attention to detail. Additional features like a scheduler allow you to designate when you’ll be reminded to run tests and the tests themselves work as advertised, the new uninstaller coming in handy with removing assorted programs.
In the other hand, CleanMyMac makes space for the things you love. Sporting a range of ingenious new features, CleanMyMac lets you safely and intelligently scan and clean your entire system, delete large, unused files, reduce the size of your iPhoto library, uninstall unneeded apps or fix the ones that started to work improperly, manage all your extensions from one place and do much more all from one newly designed and beautifully simple interface.
CleanMyMac 3 is not an essential application but greatly facilitates tasks that would take us more than a click them on our own The good thing about CleanMyMac 3 is that only a click can perform maintenance or cleaning that often prove useful. Garbage mainly functions of the system, Uninstaller and large files. With those three can keep a good control of the health of our Mac, especially if we suffer a bit of digital Diogenes syndrome.
In short, if you do not want complications CleanMyMac 3 me seems highly recommended.

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Clean My Mac X - MacOSX

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